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Political correctness: immigration in the United States.

By Diosmel Rodriguez

Upon my arrival in the United States, I decided not to get involved with the political affairs of this country. However, the methods, strategies, and the behavior of illegal immigration lobbyists, so similar to those of a totalitarian system, of which I was a victim, that it is forcing me to reflect on the subject.

What supports this analysis is the historical behavior of this ideological trend, defined by Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) in his futuristic book, "1984." Orwell discusses the intended sense of “new language”, which eliminates the unwanted meanings of a word, so people assimilate the desired meaning. Thus, we now see how illegal immigrants are now called “undocumented” to deviate from the criminal concept implicated by the word illegal. As opposed to Spanish, such word, in English, has a legal definition less criminally compromising. According to the Spanish Royal Language Academy, crime is "an act of murder, an evil and reprehensible act."

The SB 1070 Law in Arizona does not contemplate immigration violations as a misdemeanor or infraction, but as a law violation. However, the language utilized by liberals perceives same as a crime, getting to the point where illegal immigrants, themselves, express to the media: "I am not a criminal." Something that is true, however, pro-immigration followers try to convey to the people a criminal implication through the use of the illegal immigrant’s psychological reaction.
As part of the danger associated with socialist ideas, which is the behind the scene doctrine of this migratory movement, we see the used liberal terminology deceiving and confusing, portraying a comprehensive immigration reform as fair, generous, and inclusive. Liberals do not provide a clear definition of the legal objectives pursued by the proposed immigration law. Therefore, it cannot be seen how that immigration reform meets the expectations of the "undocumented."

The phenomenon of immigration has become the most active ideological movement, at this time, in the United States. The objectives of those who were forced to emigrate from their countries, in search of a better future, are manipulated who end up being guinea pigs in this experiment to undermine the social, cultural, and institutional foundations of the American nation.

Immigration in the United States, including illegal, is a strategic issue used as a mechanism for the transformation of the American ethnic composition. The intention is to breed a population without a nationalistic pride or spirit, where descendants of immigrants occupy levels of importance in the political and economic life of this country. President Barack Hussein Obama is the result of this initiative for the demographic conquest of nations.

In the United States, the fragility of the immigration laws, such as citizenship by birth, regardless of the legal status of parents, the interpretation given to civil rights, where law enforcement bodies cannot ascertain the legal status of those involved in violations of law, and the evident inability of border control, has encouraged the illegal entry to this country. This new political force, on a not so long term, will be able to modify or create laws that achieve the goals of the fundamentalist ideological anti-Americanism in its crusade to eliminate the Western culture.

The predominant ideological hallow surrounding this campaign for illegal immigrants, is hurting the nationalist feelings within the community of real Americans. Members of Congress are already getting the message although, many of them, based on what’s considered politically correct, publicly defend illegal immigrants. However, national security issues may prevent an amendment to the existing United States’ immigration law, consequently, not meeting the interests of the hidden forces behind illegal immigration.

The objectives pursue the nationalization of most illegal immigrants already in U.S. territory. An elected official in California, in a television program in the City of Miami, said that in the 80’s, in a municipality of his state, "there were unjust laws against illegal people" but when all public posts were filled with Hispanic officials, those laws were abolished immediately. This example makes clear that the purpose is to change the institutional order of this great country.

The temporary worker status does not satisfy the purposes of those who seek change and control in this country, although this is the way to better help those who want to come to this country to work. Conversations with "undocumented" in Homestead, Immokalee, and Houston, allowed me to know their real interests and motives which consist of having the required documentation to work legally and receive the services they need.

The immigration problem in the United States is not viewed with the seriousness the case requires. This is a national security issue, which will have serious consequences if not handled smartly and carefully. Though many think, that in relation to the total population, immigrants represent a minority; there is sufficient numbers of illegal immigrants that could be used to subvert public order.
The media, mostly Hispanic, through the manipulation of information, is responsible for igniting fiery passions. This media support is part of the strategy for changing public opinion and discrediting the foundations of this nation, making everyone believe that this is a country of immigrants and, therefore, illegal immigrants deserving equal rights.

The political use of illegal immigrants is evident, manipulating family feelings. Children are indiscriminately used, bringing them before television cameras to cry and trigger emotional conflicts without taking into account their real emotional and psychological suffering.
Family separation is another argument against deportation. However, the media never reports that the breakdown of the family begins when the immigrants abandon their families in their countries of origin. Daisy Cuevas, a Peruvian girl who has become an ambassador for illegal immigration, said she wanted her mother to have "papers" so she could bring her sister left behind in Peru. Isn’t this a case of child abandonment and family separation? What a hypocrisy!

The so-called family reunification is an unconvincing argument on immigration reform. Recognition of permanent residence and citizenship would provide the right to claim a number of families that would undermine the public services infrastructure of this nation.

The media only talks about the benefits of the work done by immigrants, alleging they do the work that others do not want to do, tacitly admitting this type of work is discriminatory. In addition, the media does not address the health hazards that uncontrolled illegal immigration may cause and capital flight to countries that conspire against the economic development of this nation.

Becoming a citizen of the adopted country, is an accepted universal concept, and one of the basic principles leading to the respect of established laws. Changes to the law are only made through the legal structures of Government, established and recognized by the citizens of the country.

And that's the least that illegal immigrants are doing in this country. On the May 1, 2010 parade, illegal immigrants were flying the flags of the former Soviet Union and international terrorists’ icons such as Che Guevara, all against the ideological principles promulgated and supported by this country. If liberals are not stopped, we may be witnessing the conception of the self-destruction embryo of this great American nation.

Crime: An act of murder, to commit war crimes. Malicious and reprehensible acts.

Felony: An act contrary to the provisions of the law, and punished by it.

Violation: Failure to comply with a mandate established by law or other rule.

Undocumented: Data, information.

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